Hantic start from year 2000.  Quality、Accurate、Competitiveness、Commitment and Innovative Team are Core of our company.  Now Hantic's Bussiness are expand include Korea、Japan、Thailand and China.   And have over 200 employee.

  Our Chair Man HT Lai has recognize-prosepect the trend of cutting tool becomes tiny and precision.  So It's  necessary to integrate each field of manager such as equipment, R&D, production management and marketing to build up an experienced team for achieving the top three of PCB milling cutter manufacturer in the world.



"Router Bit" is important tool in Electronics Industry.  Production process needs group of professional Team to make it perfect.  Shape of Hantic's Logo is combination of H&T where takes from "HanTic".  Also abbreviation of " Hands Together".     

Blue sign shows Free will which is factor of innovation. Think outside of the box and solve any kinds of problem from Customers.

Shape of Logo also similar from antique "Vessel".  Symbolizes leader of industry and  unshakeable position.




In 2000 the company was established

2003 to overseas development (Korea, Thailand, mainland China, etc.)

In 2007 the CNC sector increased production capacity

2008 set up Kunshan subsidiary and Shenzhen office

The end of 2008 Taiwan headquarters expansion plant, increase production capacity

2010 annual capacity of 2 million per month

2012 capacity of 2.5 million per month

2014 annual capacity of 3 million per month

2017 annual capacity of 3.5 million per month


4.Business philosophy


Since Hantic start business , Hantic's core management concept are " Customer priority and Continuous Improcement". Basic on this concept to research 、upgrade technology and improve the quality of stablility.    Always provide high cost-performance ratio's product to Customers. Wish to build new advantage world with our Customers.